Why Bolivia?



Each person needs to look at their own needs and choose what will fill them best.   What is good for one person may not always be good for another.  There are no perfect places on Earth and Bolivia is not Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden).  However, compared to the United States, where we have lived, Bolivia has a taste of Paradise.  The Government is small and not well-funded, which means they do not have the resources to chase you around as they do in the U.S.  Try to forget the propaganda you have heard against Bolivia and listen to someone who lives there.  Our President is well-liked by the people.  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION:  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE BOLIVIAN GOVERNMENT:   Even IF their government were more corrupt and evil than the U.S. (which it is not), they don’t have the resources to carry out very much mischief.

There are not cameras in every parking lot and street corner.  They don’t have the surveillance capabilities nor do they have the multitude of laws that all the Westernized countries have (including the Latin American “nice” places to live that are “easy” to get into:  Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, etc.).   BOLIVIA WILL HARDLY EVER EXTRADITE SOMEONE BACK TO THE UNITED STATES.

This is neither accident nor oversight.  Bolivia has a different nature than much of the rest of the world or even the rest of Latin America.  The rest of Latin America has been taken over in coups and overthrows by the C.I.A.

and has surrendered to Industrial U.S. Interests and conformed.  Bolivia had been taken over several times, but they have fought off the intruders and today stand stronger for it.  The Bolivian people keep their Government in line!

They just want to be left alone to live the way they have for many hundreds of years and not forced into globalization.  If you have the desire to be left alone to live the way you see fit, then Bolivia is the place for you.  There is a freedom here that does not exist anywhere else that we know of.  We have heard stories about how nice some other places in Latin America are, or Australia or New Zealand, but we do not see the entire package in any of those places which we find in Bolivia.  The United States has made great efforts to treat their citizens with vicious contempt.  This makes the U.S. a terrible place to live.  In contrast, the present administration in Bolivia of President Evo Morales has taken great efforts to be good to their people.

This makes it a nice place for anyone, including foreigners, to live.



It is untouched, unspoiled, unpolluted by the modernism and toxic wastes the rest of the Western World is.  They have technology and they have conveniences, but there are plenty of places to go to get away from whatever you want to get away from.  In the U.S., anywhere you go, even into the most remote badlands, severely restrictive laws and satellite surveillance follow you.  In Bolivia, they have not polluted the earth, the water, the air and the food supply as they have in the U.S.  It is pristine and a much healthier place to live.  No pesticides washing down your pasture, no chemtrails and hardly any planes passing overhead, not as much waste of food or packing materials, far less trash thrown in the streets, no fluoride in the water, hardly any GMO

(Genetically Modified )food or hidden MSG(a deadly brain poison), etc.


One of the leading causes of sickness and death in the U.S. is stress.  One of the leading causes of stress is economic pressures to earn enough to pay for all the bills.  Bolivia’s economic system does not put the pressure on you to perform.  There are few regulations (they are a true conservative government, not the American “Republican” imitation-Conservative) and little enforcement of the ones that exist.  In the U.S., many are homeless

because the way to buy a house is to borrow tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and make payments of one or two thousand per month, plus property taxes and insurance.  In the U.S., if you wanted to live within your means in a small cabin, your house would be torn down by the Zoning Board and you would be fined or jailed.  In Bolivia, you can build what you choose.  Don’t be mistaken, if you move to a large city, you will have to deal with some of the same things, but not nearly as bad.  But, if you are “in the country” (el campo), you are free to do as you please.  No neighbor will see what you do and if they did, they wouldn’t report you.  Even if they did, the Police would laugh at them and ask “what can we do about it?”  Only a Gringo (American) would even report anyone in the first place for such trivialities.

Wild foods grow in great abundance year around and some of it is unclaimed or available.  In the U.S., we have friends who were jailed for picking their lunch out of the dumpsters, even though the store disposed of it!  The stores are the criminals, not the dumpster divers.  What waste Americans are guilty of!  What delinquents Police and Lawmakers are for causing people to be treated like criminals for recycling and being responsible with their money!  People are being arrested for being homeless!

Those building homes for the homeless are being arrested.

Many are arrested for feeding the homeless, as well.

What must GOD think of the United States of America, of its Government, of its people for allowing their Government to get away with this?  It is much safer to be somewhere far away!



Some will complain that Latin America is unsafe and full of guerillas, drug lords and anti-American bureaucrats.  When was the last time you heard of two dozen children being shot at school in Bolivia?  Or, 3000 killed in a falling skyscraper?  Actually, Central and South America is made up of numerous distinctive countries, and they are all different from each other.  To make any broad generalization about Bolivia by comparing it to any of the other countries is simply ignorant and closed minded.  Consider meeting someone in another country and telling them you live in the remote mountains of Wyoming in the United States.  What would you think of their intelligence if they responded that they saw a movie about how dangerous it is to live in the Watts section of Los Angeles and they don’t know how you could live in such a place as the U.S.  Colombia may be the wrong place to live, as it has been fully conquered by the U.S. and cooperates with their Fascist agenda.  However, that has no bearing whatsoever on Bolivia, except they share the same continent landmass and speak the same language (sort of)!

Others will say they have heard that Bolivia is a “Communist” country.  It is not.  But, the United States is!  Be informed that whenever the U.S. Government finds a country they wish to subdue, cannot control and need to demonize, they call it “Communist”.

This is Public Relations Propaganda- Fake News, which

has no bearing whatsoever on reality and has been used over and over by the C.I.A. to justify violent overthrows of leaders of sovereign nations.  While some of the policies of the Bolivian Government may be different than what we are used to, overall, it is a harmless government that has mild powers and little sting to cause much harm to its citizens or visitors.

People act like we are out of our minds for leaving “The Good Ol’ U.S.A.” with its great standard of living: (yet everybody in the U.S. is in debt for their houses, cars, televisions, furniture, etc. and struggling to scrape up for interest; they pay more than half their income just on taxes, not to mention additional for all kinds of insurance).  Another argument they try to discourage us with is that Americans are hated in foreign countries and when “things get bad”, they will turn on us.  We live in Bolivia and see that the more a country is suspicious of the U.S. Government, the more we fit in and are safe.  They are not at all hostile toward Americans.  We have been wined and dined, invited to start a business, invited to join a protest march against a U.S. provoked massacre on 9/11 of 2008, looked up to for our talents, treated well by all their citizens from Doctors  to the simplest people we sat with on the back of a pickup truck hitchhiking together.

We’ll share a story with you.  After the U.S. provoked massacre, we were in the Capitol City of La Paz, just a few blocks from the Presidential Palace.  There were angry protestors in the streets and police blocking the roads to the square where the palace sits.  The Police in Bolivia, even at a time like this, treated us with less suspicion than the Police in the U.S.!  We were not stopped by them even once, questioned, or even looked at funny.  The American Ambassador, Philip Goldberg, had just been expelled from the country for inciting the massacre

and funding groups in opposition to the Bolivian Government.  At that moment, the U.S. Government said the hostilities were a danger and immediately ordered all Americans out of the country, but we never felt safer anywhere than we did in Bolivia, even at a time like this!  We didn’t even consider leaving.  Thankfully, President Evo expelled the American Ambassador (who is only in Bolivia to spy and bring about regime change in the Bolivian Government), the DEA (front group for control over Bolivia by the US, under a pretext of “controlling drugs”), and USAID (a known CIA front).

All of these excuses and warnings people have given us about Bolivia are born in ignorance and fear and a “don’t do anything out of the box” attitude.  If the truth be told, we had better do something out of the box, because sunning on the shores of Costa Rica will not get us out of the mess that these types of lifestyle choices have caused in the first place!  “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein

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