Transferring Assets

One of the most important things to remember is that the sooner you start making arrangements to leave the U.S., the more likely you will be successful in transferring your assets out of the country to Bolivia.  Regulations in the U.S. are tightening up more each year, and eventually, the noose is going to choke whoever is still there and it will be impossible to move any money or possessions out.  Though things may look more “rosy” right now, talk of “terrorism” and “money laundering” as actually increased under the Trump Administration!  This is how it was in Nazi Germany in the late 30s.  Those who left the soonest, before all the regulations were in place, were able to bring all their wealth with them to comfort and sustain them in the unfamiliar places where they went.  Those who delayed, thinking things would get better were unable to bring anything with them and had to leave penniless.  Those who delayed until much later because they would not open their minds to believe what was really happening in their homeland were unable to leave.  The gate snapped shut and most perished and watched their parents and children tortured and murdered by the Nazi German Government’s “War on Terror”.

There are still ways to transfer out your cash, investments, and possessions, but it is growing more difficult daily.  There have been laws on the books for some years now that without declaring it, you can only bring $10000 out with you, and now they have installed such penetrating scanners that they can tell exactly what you are carrying.  They can confiscate all of what you bring secretly if it is in excess of $10000, or its equivalent (checks, etc.), and fine you up to half a million dollars and put you in jail for 10 years.   This calls for more aggressive measures to jump over these hurdles.  We can advise you and set up a plan and package so that you can transfer pretty much any amount out of the country.

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