Refund/Cancellation Process

Refund/Cancellation Process

Refund Process

If a customer contacts us with respect to one of our Products, we may issue refunds as a service in accordance with our usual business practices. For each refund that we issue, we will grant a credit in an amount equal to your portion of the Sales Revenue for the applicable Transactions. This does not include any fees that are nonrefundable and listed clearly on the website as such. Certain transactions and service requests require that our Staff start processes which generate fees of Personnel labor, Government fees, travel expenses, etc. For this reason, these particular fees are non refundable. In any case, if an error is found on our part or the part of the Sellers listing on our website, we will refund any fees which pertain to our portion of the fault. We screen our Clients and Sellers very carefully to avoid any apparent intentional fraud. However, if this occurs, website Customers must settle grievances directly with the Sellers.

Cancellation Process

Customers who want to cancel orders must do so through the cancellation process offered by Offshore Real Estate, initiated by an email to our site. You must clearly show cause for a cancellation, or risk liability for non performance, or, at the least, forfeit any funds already paid, or the portion thereof required to recompense damages caused by the cancellation of a binding contract (Binder payment and signature).

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