Why escape?



There is nothing as valuable as freedom. Please don’t get stars and stripes in your eyes and think of a marching band, a military parade or flags waving in the breeze. I am talking about personal liberty to live the way you believe is right and good as long as it does not hurt others. I mean the ability to be left alone to build the kind of house you would like without being driven into debt and poverty to satisfy some Zoning Officer’s requirements for your life and pocketbook. I mean the ability to dress and eat the way you like without being called names by prejudiced, ignorant people or prevented by frivolous laws. Further, I mean the right to live your life the way you see fit, regardless of what anyone, including “experts”, say about it. If you are religious, that means the right to practice the religion of your choice and to teach your children and grandchildren to do so. If you have had enough of religion (or narrow-minded religious people), having freedom means you will be left alone and not shamed or forced to follow someone else’s religion, chas vesholom (God forbid).

Do we have to leave the United States to live our lives unmolested by the Police, our nosy neighbors and Industrial Interests that like to have laws written to force us to buy their products? It appears that it is getting more and more that way as each day passes. One objection people have to leave is that they equate it with being cowards. Some religious people even go as far as to decide that God wants you to stay where you were born. I wonder what they will think when they realize that somewhere down the line, their ancestors left somewhere (like Europe) to come to the U.S. because where they lived was no longer suitable? I wonder if they even realize that their ancestors left some other country to come to Europe in the first place and that wherever that other county was, it was probably a stopping off point from somewhere else they lived before that? Sometimes, it is just time to leave when conditions are getting too unbearable where you are and to start fresh.


Some theorize and insist that the trouble ahead is a predetermined “time of trouble” that will be worldwide and so there is nowhere to go that will be any better. Surely, the devout Jews and Christians during the Nazi Regime thought they were living through that, too! Can you imagine how bad it must have been? But, it wasn’t the “end of days”. And, there were places to go and “hide”, or rather, places to live and thrive and start over fresh and new! Many throughout the millennia have thought they were living in “the end” and had many textual “proofs” and signs of the times to substantiate their belief. The only problem is, it wasn’t “the end” then, and it may not be now. There may still be places to go to start over fresh and anew and provide opportunities for your children and grandchildren! We can show you some possibilities.


Since the 1960s, the Government of the United States has intensified its war against its own Citizens. In 1963, elements very high up within the Government deliberately killed an elected president who discovered what was wrong in the Government and decided to serve the people instead of the Power Brokers. They replaced him with a long line of leaders who, to this day, answer only to the largest Industrial Interests. Since that day, there have been tensions between Citizens who want their Government to be accountable to the people vs. others who have been brainwashed by T.V. and radio commentators that support the politicians and police that are dishonest and are not subject to the Law of the Land. Instead, these public servants abuse their positions to harass those who challenge their unlawful and immoral deeds and brand them “nutjobs”, “wackos”, “conspiracy theorists”, “suspicious” or, simply, “terrorists”.

Can President Donald Trump turn this around? We are not sure yet if he wants to, or if “They” are throwing us a bone by allowing him to win. Let’s assume he is totally sincere and managed, somehow, to get in, despite that Hillary was their chosen vessel.

How quickly can he stop and turn around a large, heavy train, barreling down the tracks at 100 miles per hour? If he even can, without getting “Nixoned” out of office or “JFK’d”. It is best to watch from afar. Bolivia is that ideal place!

The number of people in the legal field and law enforcement that are dishonest has grown tremendously. They have gotten way out of hand to a degree that would have been unthinkable and intolerable to the average American just decades ago. What is worse is that the average American still cannot believe that their own Government is actually guilty of this, and these skeptics will turn on anyone with hostility and name-calling that tries to bring it to their attention. Further, all Police units right on down to even City Police are being equipped with Military hardware and tactics which is increasingly being used against the average law-abiding citizen. Military law enforcement is the hallmark of a dictatorship.

No longer can it be assumed because somebody is sitting in jail with a sheet full of felony charges, that they must have committed a crime. It has gotten to the point where anyone at any time can be arrested for anything…or for nothing. Since December 31st of 2011, any American can be indefinitely detained without access to a Court Hearing or Lawyer. Just a few examples of people hauled off to jail are: a 12 year old who was cutting her steak with a knife (classified as a “weapon”) in the school lunchroom; a mother who had the right to refuse to give her daughter psychiatric drugs, but was carried away by a SWAT team from her own home and had her daughter taken away; managers of a private food buying club raided by a SWAT team at gunpoint and arrested because they didn’t register and get inspections as a store even though they were not a store.

Your lawful property can be seized by the Police without any cause as well at anytime, anywhere.

In Germany and all territories occupied by the Nazis, it was similar. They made so many complicated laws and gave their Secret Police such broad powers and discretion to arrest, that they could fill the prisons and camps with people who industry then exploited for free labor. There was such an atmosphere of fear of the Government that people were afraid to go out of their own homes, yet if they stayed inside, they were arrested for being “suspicious” because they were not acting like “normal” people.

This is the direction of the United States right now. Hitler could only dream about having cameras on every street corner and a way to monitor and archive every communication and a transaction made as the U.S. can do now electronically.

In the past decade or so under the Bush’s, laws thousands of pages long have been passed which even the Lawmakers have not read, secretly putting on the books the ability in 1000 different ways to seize cash, gold, property, homes, food, and to relocate innocent citizens to labor camps against their will. There is undisputed evidence since 1972 that these camps exist, but since their locations are mostly inside of military installations that are restricted to the public, their presence remains largely hidden from the public.

(Do a word search for << we have to be actually physically injured before we can maintain a lawsuit)



Remember, a slave master does not like losing the subjects they own. The Government’s ultimate goal is to keep you in the U.S., and while they build a fence around the country, both figurative and literal.

At this point in time, they will still let you go if you give up your wealth to them. Recall that if you left Germany early on in the Nazi Regime, you were permitted to take your wealth with you. Those who didn’t think it would get “that bad” and waited, had all their assets taken by the Government when they left. Those who waited even longer because they could not bring themselves to believe these Death Camps really existed or that their Government would do such a thing and get away with it, were caught in the net and sent to the Death Camps.

The U.S. is busily writing laws which will prevent you from bringing your wealth with you if you are wise enough to leave. One law charges you capital gains tax on all your real estate as if you sold it if you leave the country for an extended period of time. Another law restricts you from taking more than $10,000 out of the country, either by carrying it or sending it or wiring it. Violators can have the entire amount seized, be fined half a million dollars and spend ten years in jail. Other new laws regarding moving of finances out of the country have been passed and are being strengthened every year. At this time, you can still get your assets out of the country.

It is still possible, and we can help you arrange this. But, you can see, they are hard at work plugging every loophole there is to move money out, so don’t expect if you delay that you will still be able as easy to move your wealth with you. And, don’t expect if you hold out until the next “911”-style event before leaving, that you will even be permitted to go.



Some in Nazi Germany formed a Resistance and thought they could stay in their homeland. Though they sincerely tried to resist (unlike most, who either aided the Nazis in rounding up “suspicious” people or went quietly to their own death with blinders on), their numbers were too small and their power was no match for the Nazi War Machine. Many were faithful and deeply religious people that believed God would bless their efforts and not abandon them. Some in the U.S. today think they are restoring the republic that they imagine once was. They, too, are deluded into thinking that The Almighty will aid them to overpower the present War Machine.

They are too little, too late, powerless and not understanding the reality of the times. Their leaders are hopelessly divided, talking hype instead of reality, and even some within the movement believe the Government has infiltrated their own movement in order to catalog who The Resistance is. The worst part is, the way some of their leaders have treated others in the Movement provides a very distasteful picture of how they would have treated their Citizens, had they succeeded in replacing the current “de facto government” with their proposed “de jure government”. Further, many of the members seek to remain in comfort and see this movement as the solution to their repulsion to moving to a third-world country and starting over. Similar to those in Nazi Germany, some in the U.S. today are deeply religious and believe God is coming to their rescue in this form of resistance, but their hope only tickles their ears, makes them feel good and keeps them in the center of the bullseye for what is soon coming.

To any and all of you who are reading this: we will help you escape if you are sincere and want to with all your hearts, but you have to forsake your fantasy and put all your efforts toward fleeing! You need to turn now and stop acting like someone spending and biding their time to win the lottery or sweepstakes; there will be no shower of money from heaven to grease your slide to Paradise. Neither will the “Republican Ticket” save this country, sorry to say. If you delay, there will only be more difficult circumstances to extricate yourselves from later. However, there will be relief from the oppressive American financial and “legal” system, if you disentangle yourselves and your family from it and go now.



The difficult part is that people are comfortable where they are for the most part. The government has purposely brought these changes in gradually so that people either do not take notice at all, or at least are not alarmed by them. Now that we have arrived at this point, it is hard to tear yourself away from: your job, friends, family, religious group, sports, sources of familiar groceries, entertainment, etc. But, it is getting uglier and the net of serious legal troubles is spreading wider to “normal” “average” “law-abiding” citizens, not just “druggies”, so-called “Arab” terrorists or violent “homegrown” terrorists.

The other problem is having convinced someone that it is bad getting worse and would be better to leave, the next question is, “where do we go”? This question is more difficult than you would think and many who have gotten to this point have wasted much money either moving to the wrong place or moving without proper preparation. We personally know of many who have returned to the U.S. with their head between their legs like a “whipped puppy”, having spent and wasted most of their money and not wanting to hear about leaving again.

We will show you why we think Bolivia is among the best places to live. Knowing this will help to save you from the fate many have found themselves in. The problem is that people are generally shallow and do not look at the right features when they shop for a place to go. For example, many want the comfort and customs they are accustomed to in the U.S., so they end up moving to a place that is so much like where they left and actually controlled by the US Government through “Trade Agreements”, that they end up having the same problems they had in the U.S.!

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