There is a joke in some states of the U.S. that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a half hour! (the weather is so changeable, that if its clear, it could all of a sudden rain, and if it’s raining, it will likely stop in a half hour).  In Bolivia, it is even better.  Where the properties we show are, it is tropical, warm, and never goes below 40 F.  Cool nights balance out the temperature of the house so that the next day’s heat is not oppressive.  Humidity is low enough that even when there is a hot day, it is usually not overbearing.  It is at the bottom of the mountain, so the land is fertile and green year around.

Contrarily, in the Capitol city of La Paz, which is 2 and one half miles above sea level, it is damp, usually chilly or downright cold!  You can choose whatever climate you like by choosing how far up the mountain to move in between these two places!  Though we rarely represent properties outside of the northern part of the Department (State) of La Paz, you are free to move wherever you wish.  The main thing is that you free yourself from the expansionist commercial system of the Westernized so-called “Democracies” and the burdensome strings attached to their “benefits”.

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