It is an often heard desire to live in an Intentional Community to share burdens, decide who your neighbors are and have a likeminded pool of people nearby to socialize with and to be good influences on your children.  There are other motivations shared by certain types of people:  religious similarity, environmental conservation, liberty AND security, etc.  Whatever your reason is for wanting to live in community, there are, perhaps, other compatible individuals waiting for your participation.  This is a highly personal and unique calling, and as such, we have refrained from stating our own preferences.  Those reading this that have a vision of Community, whatever it may be and for whatever reasons, please email and share

with us your list of priorities and their order of importance of the kind of people you would like to live in Community with.  Also state how you came to these conclusions.  Please include what you have to offer a Community, that is, why the people you would want to live with would want to live with you.

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