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Our 3-payment policy

  1. Make $1000 Binder Payment.
  2. payment 50% of purchase price, pay by Bank Wire Transfer, due 30 Calendar Days from Binder Payment.
  3. due another 30 Calendar days from 2nd payment.

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WHY Bolivia?

  • Safe Property

    Safe Property investment in a select offshore location for sharp growth, tax advantages, quick return and a high level of security, Low risk, high reward.

  • Underpriced Property

    Underpriced property in a growing area, continuous steady increase since 2002 verified development projects, prices will continue to climb.

  • Return on investment

    Return on investment (ROI), 45%* in approximately 4 years.

  • Highway Project

    New 70 mile highway project plus ¼ mile bridge giving access, certain to bring sharp rise in prices.

  • Bolivia Tourist Visa

    to look around for less than 3 months

  • US$ 100
  • BUY
  • Bolivia Residency Visa

    to live long-term in Bolivia, with the full Rights of an Alien Resident

  • US$ 1000
  • BUY

    if you wish to buy sight unseen just as an investment, without traveling.

  • US$ 500
  • BUY
  • Citizenship/2nd Passport

    permanent rights of a Bolivian Citizen under the New Constitution of 2009

  • US$ 2500
  • BUY
  • Title Transfers

    assistance and legal support to obtain a clear, Alloidial Title

  • US$ 250
  • BUY
  • Custom Legal Services for

    Fill in the service or product you are requesting

  • US$ …….
  • BUY

We guarantee to provide the finest legal services, to show care and concern for the outcome, and to work hard for long hours to ensure the intended result. Further, we will make every effort to assure that your papers reviewed by Experts, and to try to ascertain whether they are in order. We can NOT guarantee that your papers are in order, nor give an account for actions of the Bolivian Government, nor can we provide refunds if the result is negative, as you are paying for both our expertise and much time, expenses and running around. We would only provide a refund or partial refund if we fail to provide our best efforts. However, be assured we have years of accumulated experience in the area of obtaining the required international permissions necessary to enter the country, do business and obtain a second passport. Our fees listed above include our professional services only, and do not include intermediary Lawyer’s fees required by Law, additional Lawyer’s fees requested by you to correct errors in your papers or accelerate the immigration process, nor the Government fees required to process your Application.

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