If you want to visit Bolivia, we will help you arrange the transportation.  It is possible to fly directly to Bolivia from major airports (possibly making connections along the way).  Others have taken a bus all the way down or taken a plane to a neighboring country to save money, followed by a long bus ride into Bolivia.   We know people who have driven the entire route (including a short ferry boat trip for the 50 miles or so where the Pan American Highway is bad, across the Darien Gap).  Whatever your liking is, we will help you to arrange it.  Some religious groups have rules against flying, other people have an aversion to it or don’t wish to be subject to the harassment U.S. airports impose on you, while others are on the “no fly list”.  As you can see, there are alternatives.

While you are there, we will show you the area, the people, the commerce, the wildlife, the lay of the land and whatever else would interest you (orphanages, religious groups, supply houses, building materials, bulk foods, produce, groceries, livestock, artisans and entertainers, etc.).  We can also show you properties for sale

that might interest you.

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