There are pristine springs, pure air and unspoiled food waiting for you in Bolivia.   Except by big cities as Santa Cruz, there are not a host of pesticides and herbicides washing downstream onto your property.  People generally live without these expensive, ineffective modern poisons and their good health reflects that.  The streams are fit for wading, bathing, …even drinking! (don’t try that in the United States!).  The air is untouched by chemtrails, industrial pollutants and smog.  The area of interest that we promote hardly has many vehicles going down the road and airplanes rarely traverse the skies.  Factories are unheard of, as people usually have small cottage industries.  It is like stepping back 50, or, in some cases, 75 years.

The food is more pure and you don’t need to be quite as careful as in the modernized, Americanized countries.  The U.S. has exported its filth, both morally and physically, to the point where it is difficult anywhere in the industrialized world, to purchase packaged or restaurant food that is fit to eat.  Unknown to many, there is a “seasoning” called MSG, or monosodium glutamate that is disguised under hidden names

such as “natural flavors”, seasonings or “spices”, “yeast extract”, “protein isolate”, broth, etc.  It is in just about every product from desserts to soups and salad dressings and kills brain cells.  The other poison lying in wait in most parts of the world is GMOs, or genetically modified foods (transgenic), thanks to the bullying power of Multinational Corporations and their high connections in the U.S. Government.  These two pollutants are not found quite as much in food in Bolivia.  Sometimes, you will find food that has been imported from Brazil that has these.  However, the Bolivian government has pledged

to make Bolivia a GMO free zone within 5 years and has offered small farmers money to develop their own seeds, so they don’t have to depend on Monsanto!  Contrast this with the U.S., where the major food companies using these toxins have their lawyers inside the FDA to make sure these poisons stay legal and hidden in the food supply.

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