WHY Bolivia? Freedom

There is nothing as valuable as freedom. Please don’t get stars and stripes in your eyes and think of a marching band, a military parade or flags waving in the breeze. I am talking about personal liberty to live the way you believe is right and good as long as it does not hurt others. I mean the ability to be left alone to build the kind of house you would like without being driven into debt and poverty to satisfy some Zoning Officer’s requirements for your life and pocketbook. I mean the ability to dress and eat the way you like without being called names by prejudiced, ignorant people or prevented by frivolous laws.
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Our Properties


Intentional Community

90 Acres (37 hectares) each, lots suitable for an Intentional community. 2 Lots practically touching each other.View Property »

Large Tract Farmland

1236 Acres (500 Hecatares), 914 Acres (370 Hectares) of it are natural pasture, corral.View Property »

Large Tract Investment

1834 Acres (742 hectáreas), some pasture, but the majority is wooded. Cow pond for drinking and a corral.View Property »

Whole City Blocks

A whole city block in town! Almost 2 ½ Acres! (1 Hecatare, or 100 meters x 100 meters).View Property »

Working Cattle Ranch

With 2 BRICK HOUSES way back in from the road for privacy, nice yard, 900 Acres (364 hectares), 300 Acres (125 hectares)View Property »

Indigenous Retreat

276 Acres (115 hectáreas), 34 Acres (14 hectares) of it pasture. One room cabin.View Property »

WHY buy property in Bolivia?

Safe Investment

Safe Property investment in a select offshore location for sharp growth, tax advantages, quick return and a high level of security, Low risk, high reward.

Underpriced Property

Underpriced property in a growing area, continuous steady increase since 2002, verified development projects, prices will continue to climb.

Return on investment

Return on investment (ROI), 45%* in approximately 4 years

Highway Project

New 70 mile highway project plus ¼ mile bridge giving access, certain to bring sharp rise in prices

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